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2016 Hochwertiger Wasserstrahl- und Luftstrahlwebwagen Profi-Hersteller

300 Sets Per Month
Ort Von Zukunft: 
Qingdao, China
300 Sets Per Month
Zertifikate : 
CE, ISO9001


Modell:  JDF-9100, JDF-408


Modell Nr .: JDF-9100, JDF-408 Spannung: 415V Präzision: Hohe Präzision Garantie: 1 Jahr Zustand: Neu Geschwindigkeit: 500-1200rpm Kupfer: Jilong Plunger: Shutle Keramik Warp Strahl Durchmesser: 800mm in Heavy & Dicke Garn Reichweite: Polyester Oder Baumwoll-Transport-Paket: Standard-Export-Verpackung in 40hq Herkunft: Qingdao, China Typ: Wasser Jet Loom Computerized: Nicht-Computerized Zertifizierung: CE, ISO9001: 2000, SGS Customized: Customized Reed Space: 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 320, 340, 360cm Lager: NSK, FAG oder SKF Getriebe: Taiwan Shedding Typ: Plain, Cam oder Dobby Shedding Tuch Rolle: Normal oder Jumbo Paketmarke: JDF Spezifikation: JDF408-190, JDF408-210, JDF408- 230, JDF408-280 HS-Code: 8446304000 2016 hochwertiger 150-360cm Wasserstrahl- und Airjet-Webstuhl professioneller Hersteller
Working range Polyster yarn
Reed space 135,150,170,190,210,230,260,280,340,360,380,420,450cm
Filling selection 1 color(single nozzle single pump) 
2 color(double nozzle single pump or double pump)
Weft density range 5-60pick/cm
Feeder Mechanical or electronic
Motor 1.5-4.5kw(Guofang or Red flag brand)
Shedding type Plain shedding(2-6pcs heald frame)
Cam shedding(Max 12pcs heald frame)
Dobby shedding(Max 16pcs heald frame)
Let-off Electronic let off(ELO)
Mechanical let-off(MLO)
Let off transmission: Shimpo Japan
Take-up Mechanical take up(MTU)
Electronic take up(ETU)
Upper and down temple(according to the variety of fabric)
Waste filling removel Mechanical take-up 3 roller
Cutter Mechanical cutter
Operation Start by rush start motor&stop  by electromagnetic  brake at  programmed   position 
Electrical components: Xinliao brand
One cycle reverse rotation
Filling Insertion Single Pump (Plunger type spring pressure system) 
Double Nozzle(Needle ceramic system ) 
Temple Top mounted ,2 barrel type with 2 ring each
Water suction Slit tube suction system
Selvage yarn catching unit Spindle twisting system
                                             Air jet loom technical parameters
Item air jet loom configuration Remark
Nominal reed space ◊150,◊170,◊190,◊210,◊230,
◊280,◊320,◊340,◊360 cm
Useful reed width:Below 280cm cut 0-60cm
Above 280cm cut 0- 80cm
Drive Motor choose by reed. Shedding type  
Weft selection ( )set weft storage,( )main nozzle, 
any weft
◊2 color;◊4 color; ◊6 color;◊8 color
Weft insertion Electronic control mail, 
auxiliary nozzle relay weft, 
with auxiliary main nozzle, 
SMC solenoid valve from Japan
Beating More support feet beating solid shaft, 
With weight, Crank linkage beating
above 280cm six-bar linkage,
below 280cm four-bar beating
Let off Electronically controlled continuous
positive let-off, suitable for 
◊φ800 beam   ◊φ1000mm beam
Take up ◊electronic take up ; ◊Mechanical take-up ◊sand roller; ◊double pressure roller; 
◊rubber roller;◊barbed leather roller
Winding ◊inside the machine winding
◊outside the machine winding
◊inside the machine winding maximum
roll diameter 550mm
◊outside the machine winding maximum 
roll diameter 1200mm
shedding ◊positive cam shedding(up to 8)shaft
◊crank shedding (4)shaft
◊electronic dobby shedding(up to 16)shaft
Cam box and dobby manufacture:
Shedding cams ◊1/1 ;◊ 2/1 ; ◊3/1 ; ◊2/2 ;◊4/1 shaft   
Heald frame Number of New Light heald frames  
Heald wires Heald wires ◊J type 331 ; ◊ O type 330  
cutter Mechanical shears  
Selvage Planetary gear cutter edge institution  
temple 30 hoops temple in the cloth above  
Back beam Double back beam, positive loose warp  
Control box ◊7" ◊10.4" touch screen ;
computer control system ;
process parameters, monitoring, self-diagnosis display
Parking device 4 color indictor show failure
A,broken warp: 6 row drop pin;
B,cut weft: double weft feeder
C,selvage: near switch
D,catch weft: sensor
Stahlblatt: 1 Stück
1.5pcs 800mm Strahl in schwer und Stärke
1.5pcs Aluminiumtuchrolle
6000-10000 Stück Litzen Draht
Schaftrahmen 2-16pcs
Ersatzteile & Werkzeuge
Kontakt Informationen
Mobile: + 86-13791989225

Grant Xu
2016 Top Quality Waterjet & Airjet Weaving Loom Professional Manufacturer2016 Top Quality Waterjet & Airjet Weaving Loom Professional Manufacturer2016 Top Quality Waterjet & Airjet Weaving Loom Professional Manufacturer2016 Top Quality Waterjet & Airjet Weaving Loom Professional Manufacturer
2016 Top Quality Waterjet & Airjet Weaving Loom Professional Manufacturer2016 Top Quality Waterjet & Airjet Weaving Loom Professional Manufacturer

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